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Regaining Power Workshop

This program addresses how women experience and express their anger differently than men. For women anger is most often caused by feeling powerless, disrespected or unappreciated within interpersonal relationships. First, you will explore how you express your anger and the impact it has had in your life. A tool called the anger meter will be introduced to measure your level of anger throughout the upcoming weeks. Each week you will also be asked to reflect on an anger provoking situation and discuss what you did to deal with that anger. By tracking your anger you will be able to identify underlying emotions and focus on finding the healthiest responses to deal effectively with these emotions.

The beginning of the program will focus on a greater awareness of your anger triggers and cues. The goal of this is to recognize when you are experiencing an episode of anger so that you can then manage, control, and properly utilize that anger for positive outcomes. The following sessions take it a step further by identifying negative beliefs that may be associated with your anger. The goal is to develop positive thoughts, better communication, appropriate boundaries and self-esteem. 

Throughout the program you are invited to share your experiences with the facilitators as well as the other participants in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere with the purpose of gaining support and insight around your personal challenges.



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Acceptance To The Program

If this program sounds like it would be beneficial for you, call and schedule an intake appointment. 

There is a cost of $25 for the intake and program specifics will be explained in greater detail. 

Expectations of your level of participation and conduct will be outlined as well as your expectations of the program will be discussed.

Program Specifics

10 week program, 2 hours a session
- Separate men's and women's groups
- Signed code of conduct
- $10 session fee each week (Group)
- Individualized intake process
- Certificate of completion 
Group Structure

All Groups run for a 10 week period. Each session is 2 hours in length. There is a $10 session fee payable each week. 

The group starts out with a check in then a inspirational reading. A 25 to 30 minute educational session follows. There is then a 10 minute break in which you can enjoy a coffee. 

The support session then begins where each participant is allotted equal time to discuss their current challenges and receive support from both the facilitator and other group members.

The meeting will then end with each participant checking out with their feelings as a result of what they have learned that week.


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