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About Therapy...

Education, Support and Counseling

"For those whose lives have been complicated by Addiction or Anger"

Importance of Therapy

Sometimes emotions and stress get the better part of us, where our actions and sub conscience are neither logical or rational. Anger and drug addiction affects you and everyone around you, your family, your friends, and co-workers. Not only do you isolate your self, but alienate the people around you.

Struggling alone doesn't necessarily always help to deal with your own demons. With the support of others, you can be guided towards the correct path. When dealing with these problems, one can experience increased levels of stress, depression and financial losses.

You may lose productivity at work, be passed over for a promotion or spend your money feeding your addiction. Crossroads therapy offers a unique path to increased self esteem, a renewed interest in life and the opportunity to plan your own resolution to your addiction or anger challenges.

We offer a variety of programs that can be completed through individual sessions or group therapy.



Crossroads : C4PE
1980 Ottawa St, Lower Unit
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Individual Therapy

At Crossroads we have several qualified therapists available to deal with a wide range of issues including addiction therapy for both the addict/alcoholic and also for their respective family members. 

Crossroads also provides Alternative Conflict Resolution (traditionally thought of as Anger Management). Addiction and or anger impacts the lives of each and every family member and our approach to dealing with the entire family simultaneously will most often strengthen the family unit so that their lives can resume to get back on track.


Group Therapy

Crossroads provides a variety of group programs. Every program has an educational competent, with some programs focusing more on support and others on education. Please call to find out more information or to schedule an intake appointment to see which program would best suit your needs.

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